Our Story

We are a small team of designers and sustainability professionals who are deeply passionate about making the best Eco-friendly products we can for you and your pet. Our story began as a nonprofit formed to recycle mattresses in San Antonio, TX. As part of a creative reuse project, we recycled old memory foam mattresses into dog beds. It’s not hard to see where our inspiration for ReMat came from…

These first-generation beds acted as our initial prototypes and were donated to a local nonprofit animal shelter. To our pleasant surprise, we received a very positive response from our local pet lovers. They were excited to have a stylish and comfortable dog bed that aligned with their desire to shop for sustainable products. To meet demand, we decided to scale up the operation under a new startup called ReMat.

As ardent advocates of the Circular Economy, we wanted to make sure we applied its central principles to every part of our business. These principles included: designing out waste, maximizing recycled content, extending the product’s lifespan by manufacturing with quality materials, and repairing or recycling everything we make, and we mean EVERYTHING!


Our Materials

Our materials are Eco-Friendly and are all sourced and manufactured via sustainable means. Moreover, the construction of each bed actually diverts materials from landfills which results in a smaller carbon footprint compared to other beds made without recycled content. For this reason, we make it incredibly easy for you to recycle your ReMat bed at the end of its usable life. Working together, we can keep all the materials we use out of landfills and recycle them into products you and your pets love.

It was also very important for us to not compromise on the quality of our products. For our cushioning, we use recycled, finely shredded denim Jeans, which provide a perfect blend of comfort and support. For your peace of mind, each of our beds comes with a removable outer layer of durable 10oz Army Duck cotton canvas that is water-resistant and easy to wash.

We’re also proud that our beds are 100% manufactured in America.